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How It All Started

I have always been fascinated with these little orbs we call marbles. But who isn't, it seems that everyone loves a marble!

I had played with glass and my Dad's propane torch as a kid and always found it amazing mixing fire and glass. Forward many years & eBay brought my attention to handmade marbles. My interest was re-kindled & I couldn't wait to get a flame and some glass to make my own marbles. After many weeks of research & acquiring some basic equipment, I applied self taught techniques to making marbles.

Living in Winlock, WA., I married the "W" in Winlock and the "M" in marbles, WinlockMarbles were born. Tags were made and marbles put into bags. Family and friends were very supportive. For fun, I put some on eBay, and the rest is marble making history.

I want to thank family, friends, and all the lucky winners of eBay auctions in their support of WinlockMarbles. Thank you for visiting my website!

Warm Regards,
Cory Anderson



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