Memorial Marble

Your Memorial Marble is a personalized glass orb where the ashes of your loved one or beloved pet are suspended in glass, giving you a unique and personal memorial that traditional methods cannot.

You will choose from a variety of colors to compliment Your Memorial Marble. Each order will be completed with precautions taken to ensure that no orders are crossed at any time. The finished orb, with your color choice will be a combination of our craftsmanship and your personal decisions of how your loved one, or beloved pet, shall be remembered.

Once we have received the ashes from you, we will begin handcrafting Your Memorial Marble in as efficient, careful, and thorough manner.

Within 1 week of your order, you will receive your Memorial Marble by certified US Mail. Any unused ashes will be returned with your order. The caution employed during this process will equal the care and consideration devoted through the entire procedure ensuring that you, your departed, and the memorial in their honor, are treated with the utmost respect.

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